Do I Have A Good Business Idea? - Young Female Founder Forum

Do I Have a Good Business Idea?

Young Female Founder Forum | taught by Joanne Tica

Course description

This mini-course is part of the Young Female Founder Forum (YFFF). It provides an overview of the basics of ideation and business idea formation for young, female, aspiring entrepreneurs.

The students are introduced to six young female founders who have been successful in taking an idea from concept to reality. The motivation for each of these founders is identified so students can learn how the founders were inspired to start their businesses.

Students are also challenged to flesh out their own business ideas by considering a series of questions that create thought points for futher consideration. It's a great simple introduction to basic business ideation that students can use on their own or in a group to stimulate more discussion.

Joanne Tica
Joanne Tica
M.A. - Training and Organizational Development

Joanne Tica is the managing director and the lead strategic consultant / corporate trainer for Certified Impact LLC, a boutique professional services practice in Chicago IL. 

Tica has an M.A. in training and development (Roosevelt University, Chicago) and is currently completing a PhD in Managing Organizational Systems (Saybrook University). She specializes in helping business and nonprofit leaders build capacity in organizations through the implementation of knowledge management systems. Joanne trains facilitators to operate mastermind programming for women business leaders through the Minerva League brand and specializes in the incorporation of micro-learning systems as an aid to training.

A successful professional business consultant for over 20 years, Tica has also worked extensively in commercial real estate lending, banking and entrepreneurial education, most recently as program director and advisor for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative in Chicago. 

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Do I Have a Good Business Idea?
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